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· 28 Dez 2014 · 17:54 ·

Top Music and Soul moments of 2014
1- Listening to " Esphelo de son" (Carlos Paredes)
2- Playing my new Guild guitar at Home
3- Attending at  Cosmophon, the new amazing project by Fabio Bonelli
4- Listening to " Fortress of the Sun" by Arborea trying to sing like Shanti
5- Touring and playing in Portugal 
6- Listening and singing "JJJ"  (Milaus) in my special dolphin car
7- Jamming with Sonia and her banjo
8- Listening to " Blue Lands" (Dopo) while the sun goes down
9- Playing drums with Lollo and Puciaro10- Jamming with Arborea, Raphael Roginski,  Ayman Asfour, Daniel Merrill, Olga Szymula, P.o. Jørgens at Fano free Folk Festival (Denmark)
Top Life and Soul moments of 2014
1. Staying at home when outside it's cold
2. Cristian Gatti and Lunalpina
3. Blueberry marmalade in the morning
4. Talking with Nick the bookseller
5. Climbing Monte Grona
6. Special spring on my new green bicycle
7. Trying to Wake up
8. Drinking Wine and talking cheese with Sonia at Andrè Gomes House
9. Eating buckwheat in every form
10. Saying Goodbye