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· 16 Dez 2014 · 14:47 ·

Favorites from 2014
Swans - To Be Kind
It's a bit dumb to pick a track off such a great record but I think perhaps Oxygen is the culmination of all the things Swans have been over the years condensed into one track + a bit of James Brown I never heard before. 
Leyland Kirby Presents V/Vm - The Death Of Rave (A Partial Flashback) 
I put this on in a record shop because I loved the artwork so much. It's a beautiful, dark, nostalgic hymn to the 90's rave scene in the UK.
Grouper - Ruins
I love her work but I did think maybe she had started repeating herself after the last LP. This however is a desolate, beautifully understated transformation. I think she's brilliant
Sad Simon - Songs
If someone like Tomkins Square unearthed this record from a vault and said it was a stone cold classic by an outsider troubadour from 1969 it would perhaps begin to get the credit it deserves. It is in fact a work of 2014 by a little known Danish artist from Aarhus, but that doesn't make it any less brilliant or addictive. My most played record of the year.
Ben Frost - Aurora
I was blown away by Ventor. Like the best records the whole is a slow burner that rewards your repeated attentions.
Shellac - Dude Incredible 
It's a Shellac record. It's angry and funny and brilliant.
Sun Kil Moon - Benji 
Musically I love(d) Admiral Fell Promises but I did have trouble with some of the rather obvious 'poetry' of the lyrics. It seems to me on the last few albums he's started telling it exactly as it is. The music/playing is still transportive and wonderful and the poetry is greater for it
The most inspiring single musical moment came from a car stereo travelling from Gijon to Oviedo after a concert. It was a track by experimental hip-hop outfit Clipping on Radio Tres. I've searched all over but haven't been able to find it since - it had something to do with space travel/aliens and...food, I think. It was great. If someone knows the track please let me know. Fano Free Folk Festival was inspiring from beginning to end - especially live performances from Svarte Greiner, Raphael Roginski & PO Jørgens, Cigdem Aslan & Tahir Palali, Powerdove and Asfour & Merrill. Wonderful.
There's a lot of records from this year which, from lack of time and money I just haven't been able to listen to properly. I'm hoping the following turn up for Christmas: Scott Walker and Sunn))) Soused, David Thomas Broughton's new album with Juice Ensemble and Richard Dawson's Nothing Important.