Topes Ilustres 2018 - Isabel Fernández Reviriego | ARIES
· 25 Jan 2019 · 17:09 ·

My favourite Albums in 2018
Tirzah- devotion
Janelle monae- dirty computer
Kids see ghosts- Kids see ghosts 
Alice Contrane- reflection on creation and space
VVAA- spanish girls of the 60s compilation
Favorite shows
Atomizador at the Liceo Mutante, Pontevedra 
Lauryn Hill at the Hollywood Palladium playing The Miseducation.
Equinoxx at Radar Estudios, Vigo 

Favorite other things that happened in 2018: 

Berto Fojo x Noisy May

Puentealameda's Landscape workshops 
Jorge de Cascante's "Gran Libro sobre Perros"  
Bflecha's song called "Arecibo" arrives at the Arecibo's Observatory

My first soundtrack for a videogame, Melbits world 
Isabel Fernández Reviriego