Topes Ilustres 2018 - Nacho Casado | La familia del árbol
· 17 Jan 2019 · 14:52 ·

This year I haven't had much time to stop and take stock, we are already in 2019... My musical milestone was undoubtedly to be chosen by my beloved and admired Damien Jurado to accompany him on part of his European tour. Being able to spend time together, play Verao's songs and be on tour is one of the most beautiful things that have happened to me since I started in music, it's a real gift. These are some of the albums I listened to the most in 2018.

Damien Jurado - The Horizon Just Laughed
Nick Hakim - Green Twins (2017)
Marlon Williams - Make way for Love
Jess Williamson - Cosmic Wink
Bart Davenport - Blue Motel
The Internet – Hive Mind
Dawes - Passwords
Joey Dosik - Inside Voice
Parcels - Parcels
The New Raemon - Una canción de cuna entre tempestades
Ferran Palau - Blanc
Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
Percy Thrills Thrillington - Thrillington
Michael Nau - Michael Nau & Mighty Thread
Leon Bridges - Good Thing
Low - Doble
Nacho Casado