Florence + The Machine cancelam actuação no Alive
· 11 Jul 2012 · 18:08 ·

Era um dos nomes mais aguardados desta edi√ß√£o do festival mas, infelizmente, Florence Welch n√£o ir√° estar presente no Optimus Alive, por motivos de sa√ļde. A banda que ir√° substituir a brit√Ęnica ainda n√£o foi anunciada, esperando-se que o seja brevemente. A Everything Is New, naturalmente alheia ao problema, disponibilizou a nota m√©dica relativa ao problema da artista, a qual reproduzimos aqui na √≠ntegra.

I examined Miss Welch on 09/07/12. Miss Welch is suffering from voice problems resulting from vocal strain sustained during a concert in Ireland the previous day. Miss Welch is suffering from acute vocal strain causing swelling of her vocal cords. This occurred during a performance the previous day on 08/07/12. She was not having problems with her voice prior to that.

I have recommended one week of voice rest (up to and including 16/07/12). I have therefore advised that she should cancel her studio commitments on 10/7/12 and 11/7/12 and her scheduled performances on 12/07/12 and 14/07/12.

In my opinion, this will give her sufficient time to recover and minimise the risk of her vocal problems continuing and affecting future performances.

Yours faithfully

Theo Joseph FRCS
Consultant ENT Surgeon
Paulo Cecílio